Our society’s exploitation of the environment must end.  The limits of our fragile environment are readily apparent:  oil wells are running dry; drinkable water is evaporating; trade wars have erupted over rare earth metals; the polar ice caps are melting; hurricanes routinely ravage our cities.  This vital message of impending environmental disaster must be addressed before it is too late!

Billboards Hacker seeks to convey this vital message through society’s most decadent advertising channel: gigantic billboards.  These billboards that once programmed us to buy, use, consume, and discard our limited resources have now been reprogrammed by Billboards Hacker to display a new message: “What have I done today to end Climate Change?”

Through his paintings, videos, and photographs depicting the city and sky, Billboards Hacker uses his years of research and observation of light to exhibit peaceful visuals while displaying a message about climate change.  By seeing the city and sky—together with his message of climate change—Billboards Hacker seeks to remind everyone of our duty to preserve our fragile planet.

Not only has this message of climate change become an integral part of his artwork, but this message will also leap from the canvas to the real thing as part of a public art project in New York City.  While still in its nascent stages, Billboards Hacker plans to display the same message of climate change on actual billboards throughout the city, from Times Square to other iconic places.  The money from sales of his artwork, along with private and public sponsors, will help make this historic public exhibit possible.

By forcing everyone to realize the negative effects we have on the environment, and that we must act daily to address them before it is too late, Billboards Hacker hopes that we can move past our foolishness and leave a beautiful planet to our children.

You can see the Project explained in video on TV5 with subtitle (enable CC on youtube):